May 2024 Release

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This release of JFilters brings a unique and missing feature in the Joomla! ecosystem; the ability to create content pages, based on almost any possible criteria.

So far, you could create Joomla! content pages (i.e. menu items) based on a single criteria (e.g. a category or a tag). Now with JFilters, you can create pages, based on a wide variety of criteria, that include custom fields, tags, categories, author, dates..etc. and all these combined.

Lets see how this can be done.

When you create a menu item of type JFilters > Results, a new setting named "Preset Filters", is added under the Options tab

JFilters preset filters setting

By clicking the "Set Filters" button, a modal window will pop up, with all the available filters and their values.

JFilters preset filters modal

From the modal, you can set as many filters as you like, to define the content set of your preference. After doing so, press the "Apply" button and save the menu item.

preset filters set

This a proper menu item. Which means that it has its own url, a page title and metadata. Hence it is a SEO friendly page.

That being said, as you probably know, so far in the JFilters' pages, the page's title was automatically getting generated by the selected filters. To deal with that, we are introducing a new setting named "Append New Title in Menu Item's Title", under the JFilters component's configuration. By using that setting, you can define if the title generated by the filters, will be appended/added to the menu item's title or will just replace it.

Moreover you can define, if a filter is updating the page title by utilizing the setting Show Selections in Page Title, found in each filter and in the component's configuration.

We also fixed a couple of issues regarding the use of the menu item's metadata and robots, so that such pages can be fully utilized for SEO purposes.


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