About us

Our Story

As developers, we are involved with the Joomla CMS, from the very early days. Our lead developer (Sakis Terzis), started as a developer, back in 2006 and developed his 1st Joomla extension in 2008. Since then, he developed several extensions for Joomla and Magento, most of which got great popularity and used  for years by the community.

The release of Joomla 4 marked a new era for the project and it's users. A new codebase, along with several new features, provide the missing bricks for making it a modern CMS. It is a new era for the developers, site builders and it's end users alike. We felt that this was the time, to create a brand for the users of Joomla 4 and above, getting rid of any burden from the past.

This brand wishes to reflect all our experience and knowledge, providing solutions and building relationships, looking to the future.

Our Values

  • Stability and safety are must.
  • We execute at the highest standards, to achieve the highest possible efficiency. To do that, we question things and go ahead of the status quo.
  • We seek for long term relationships with the people we connect.

Our Mission

Provide the user, the optimal experience.
The user can be the end-user (site visitor), a site builder or a developer.


Athanasios Terzis
VAT id: EL113137647
Chamber of Commerce Number: 57362