Version 1.9.0 (08-May-2023)

New display type "Calendar" (PRO) for the filters generated from calendar custom field. This is a date picker which also allows date range selection. ADDED
Additional date format options, to match more locales. ADDED
Custom field values in camel case (using lower and upper case) letters can potentially not get selected in the filters. FIXED
Fix indexes length issue, which was aborting the installation in MySQL versions, lower to 5.6.+ FIXED
Ability to set a scroll-bar also in the drop-down lists. ADDED
"Show Counter" setting is now available only in PRO editions. IMPR

Version 1.8.0 (15-March-2023)

Way faster query for returning the results. The difference is more obvious in websites with a lot of content. IMPR
Identical dates (with different time) were displayed several times as options/values in a filter. FIXED
Ajax was working in strange way in YOOtheme templates. One time the results returned with ajax the other with plain HTTP. FIXED
Warnings and notices under PHP 8.x. FIXED
The text passed to the content plugins for the results, was null, throwing a notice. FIXED

 Version 1.7.2 (12-December-2022)

Warning message on installation. FIXED
When a custom field value is 0, it's label is ignored (applies for radio, checkbox, list custom field types). FIXED
The option tree within a filter (back-end) do not "respect" the filter's language. FIXED
Better filtering and cleanup of the input variables. IMPR
Error when using the Smart Search Optimize functionality. FIXED
Issues with tracing the proper canonical tag when there are more than 1 menu items for JFilters. FIXED
The toggle (check/uncheck) functionality for the checkboxes, could not work  under certain cases. FIXED

 Version 1.7.1 (07-November-2022)

Selecting values in more than 1 tags filter generates an sql error. FIXED
Irrelevant values/options can be loaded in duplicate filters. FIXED
The "JFilters Selections" module always use ajax, even if this is disabled from it's settings. FIXED
Mouse hover effects in YooTheme templates. FIXED

Version 1.7.0 (18-October-2022)

Potentially irrelevant values/options can be loaded in a filter after a selection in another filter. FIXED
Pagination links can return a 404 (not found) page, if the selected filter values use (encoded) special characters. FIXED
Sorting of the values could be incorrect when camel case characters or accented characters were used. FIXED
Filters from "calendar" type custom fields are now generated, with respective settings for formating the date display. ADDED

 Version 1.6.1 (12-September-2022)

Drop added database index on extension uninstall. FIXED
Fix deprecation notices under php 8.1 FIXED

Version 1.6.0 (05-September-2022)

Parent nodes (e.g. categories) to return the results (and filters) of their sub-nodes. ADDED
List Search (PRO) feature, that allows to search into the list of a filter's values. ADDED
Drop-down lists did not show the entire category tree, when there was a category selected. FIXED
Improve the performance of the categories filter. IMPR

 Version 1.5.6 (11-July-2022)

Nested filters (e.g. Categories) do not respect their Parent Option setting, when other filters are loaded before them. FIXED
Css adjustments under various templates. FIXED

 Version 1.5.5 (09-June-2022)

Buttons with multi-line text were not styled properly. FIXED
Pass custom fields to YOOtheme Pro for customizing the results page. ADDED

 Version 1.5.4 (23-May-2022)

Issue with the indexing of the repeatable subform custom fields. FIXED
Display issues of the radio buttons and the checkboxes under certain templates. FIXED

 Version 1.5.3 (19-May-2022)

Non repeatable custom fields used inside subform custom fields, were not indexed and hence their filters were not displayed in the front-end. FIXED
Removal of the "tmpl=component" query param from the pagination links in ajax mode. This was loading only the component page/area in the subsequent pages. FIXED
Do not generate individual filters for the custom fields which are set to be "subform only". Create them only as part of the subform custom fields. IMPR
Removal of the search bar from the results page. Search can be performed exclusively by the Smart Search module. IMPR
Template overrides for the results page can be done both under com_jfilters and under com_finder. Both will be taken into account with the the 1st having higher priority. IMPR
Fix some "undefined variable" notices. FIXED

Version 1.5.2 (21-April-2022)

Canonical tags were not added. FIXED
Ajax was always used in the Pro version, ignoring the settings. FIXED
Root filters are set in "Listening" state by default upon generation. IMPR
Toggle tree functionality was not working properly under some settings. FIXED

 Version 1.5.1 (15-April-2022)

Filters in "listening" state were not included in the urls of the other filters. FIXED

Version 1.5.0 (10-March-2022)

Ajax for updating the results and the modules. ADDED
Layout improvements. IMPR
Some plugins were disabled after installation. FIXED

 Version 1.4.1 (18-February-2022)

Incorporate the new settings of Joomla 4.1, for showing images in the results. ADDED

Version 1.4.0 (31-January-2022)

An editor button that allows the use of filtering links into the content. ADDED
Filtering module styling adjustments under different templates. FIXED

 Version 1.3.1 (14-January-2022)

The counter could be wrong if options (from the same filter) pointing to the same article are selected. FIXED
The "clear" link did not get into account the menu item set in the filtering module. FIXED
Joomla Database maintenance warning. FIXED
Having unpublished "Subform" Custom Fields, triggered an alert message for indexing. FIXED
Some Aria properties in the filtering module were not proper. FIXED
Some styling adjustments. IMPR


Version 1.3.0 (4-January-2022)

Sort filter options by label, counter and ordering. ADDED
Gzip the static assets (css, javascript), which reduces their size by ~70%. IMPR
Fix some notices and warnings. FIXED

Version 1.2.0 (24-December-2021)

"Selections" module that shows the selections from all the filters (PRO). ADDED
After selecting an option in a custom field filter, the results query was not examining the filter from where the selection came. FIXED
Custom field filters having common values could show a value even if it does not return results. FIXED
Unpublished options (e.g. Categories and Tags) were still loaded. FIXED
The page title was encoded showing special characters in encoded format. FIXED
Filters with no values (e.g. Tags) were returning an error when they were edited in the backend. FIXED

Version 1.1.3 (2-December-2021)

The tree filters (categories, tags), could be loaded with missing nodes, if they use parent options without articles assigned. FIXED
Cannot create  a copy of a filter in the backend. FIXED
Showing a sub-tree after setting a Parent Option could not load the sub-tree properly. FIXED


Version 1.1.2 (22-November-2021)

The results menu item, selected in the filtering module's setting was ignored. FIXED

Version 1.1.1 (10-November-2021)

A php warning could  stop the subform indexer from completing. FIXED


Version 1.1.0 (4-November-2021)

Listening state for the filters ADDED